Filmography for the Cinematographer Ian F. Hunt

Filmography for Ian F. Hunt Cinematographer

Cinematographer Ian F. Hunt

Incomplete Cinematographer listing from 2012 to Date

  • 2017 Finding Alice: Director Nor Hazlin Nor Salam – Director of Photography
  • 2016 – 2017 Promotional Video: Arts University Bournemouth – Self-Shooting Director/Producer
  • 2016 Janel Ang: Arts University Bournemouth – Self-Shooting Director/Producer
  • 2016 The Dragon Detective: Director. Martin Gooch (Channel 4 Pilot) – Camera operator
  • 2016 Fight or Flight: Director. Nicola Hosking – Director of Photography
  • 2015 – 2016 Sammy Miller – Bultaco Interview: – Self-Shooting Director/Producer
  • 2015 Medicea: Director. Will Whiting – Director of Photography
  • 2015 21st Century Muslim Girl: directed by Boo Prabhaker (BBC 3) – Director of Photography
  • 2015 Mike Chenery Documentary Short – Self-Shooting Director/Producer
  • 2015 Elizabeth Gloriana: Director. Natalie Allan – Director of Photography
  • 2015 The Photographer: Director (Various) Cinematographer and Editor (Teaching Project)
  • 2014 – 2015 The Man and His Museum: Director. Nor Hazlin Nor Salam – Director of Photography, Student Film Projects
  • 2014 Sharks: Director. Nichola Hao – Director of Photography
  • 2014 Relatively Current News: Director. Mehek Azmathulla – Director of Photography
  • 2014 Abjection: Director. Nor Hazlin Nor Salam Director of Photography 2014 Motorcycle Journals: Director. Nor Hazlin Nor Salam – Director of Photography
  • 2014 3RG Tactical Training: Director. Listya Widyasari – Director of Photography
  • 2014 RASA Sayang: Director. Nor Hazlin Nor Salam – Director of Photography
  • 2014 RED Kickboxer: Director. Nor Hazlin Nor Salam Cinematographer 2014 Choice: Director. Beatriz Delgado Mena – Cinematographer
  • 2014 Unrest: Director. Norman Gregory – Cinematographer
  • 2014 Unrest 2: Director. Listya Widyasari – Cinematographer
  • 2014 The Man Who Fell: Director. Kelly Soulioti – Cinematographer
  • 2014 Aaron Aaronson: Director. Mehek Azmathulla – Cinematographer
  • 2013 White Lining: Director. Nor Hazlin Nor Salam – Cinematographer
  • 2013 Putting the Fun into Funeral: Director. Alex Bradley-Stocks – Cinematographer
  • 2013 Dr Eew: Director Hanna Paraply – Cinematographer
  • 2013 Beauty: Director. Ruoyun Yang – Cinematographer
  • 2013 Muppet Lads: Director. Nichola Hao – Cinematographer
  • 2013 Birdman of Bournemouth: Director. Bo Yu – Cinematographer
  • 2013 Interview with a Zombie – Self-Shooting Director/Producer
  • 2012 Weymouth Bay: 2012 Olympics – Self-Shooting Director/Producer

Media Agency Partnerships

media agency

Media Agency? Offer Video Services to your clients

Media Agencies are not always able to directly offer video services to their clients, losing potential business in the short and possibly long term as their clients look to other media companies with their business.

I’m looking to work in partnership with local businesses who can see the benefit of adding video services to their portfolio. I can handle all aspects of the video production, advising on costs, creative considerations, crew and equipment from a small scale production to a large production.

video productions small DSLR rig

They say the future of the internet is with video content, “if a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth?”, the value of video content on a website or social media platform can be calculated by the number of views and return on investment ROI but the value to a Media Agency of being able to offer this service can be calculated by the creation of new business and of the course the increase in the bottom line ££££’s.

How will this work?

Let’s just open a conversation and discuss how I can help you to pitch for new business offering your own in-house video production services. I’m freelance so there is no upfront cost to you, you only pay for my services when you have won the business.

Media Agency benefits of being a Video Producer

Win New Business and offer your existing clients the option to reach new customers through video media. Enhance your profile with video media content on your own website and on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as the video platforms YouTube and Vimeo. Become and look like a bigger agency adding to your existing business the option of video production. Television advertising, I can film industry standard video compatible with TV broadcasting, amazing opportunity to take your media business in a whole new direction.

Documentary Showreel 1

documentary showreel

I have worked on several documentary shorts most of these in 2014/15 from a road gang painting the white lines on Britain’s roads an Indonesian Chef to the hot topic of Muslim women in the UK.For the documentary short ‘Weymouth Bay’ I wrote, Directed and shot this film for the Dorset County Council.

I am currently working on a feature length documentary on contemporary Britain. Exploring the culture and lifestyle of British communities. A visual anthropology of Britain’s society in the twenty first century, considering visually the social and politics of contemporary society. This is a long term project and is expected to take between 2 and 3 years to complete.

Drama Showreel

drama showreel

DRAMA Showreel

In 2014 I worked on seven short drama’s, this showreel is edited from a selection of sequences from these short films.

Ian Hunt Video Services Cinematographer and DOPCamera’s and additional kit:- Canon 5D MKII and MKIII, Canon C300 MKI, Panasonic AG-AF101, GoPro Hero 3 and 4. Libec Swift Jib 50kit, Edelkrone Slider.Ian Hunt Video Services Canon C300 Rig