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Media Agency? Offer Video Services to your clients

Media Agencies are not always able to directly offer video services to their clients, losing potential business in the short and possibly long term as their clients look to other media companies with their business.

I’m looking to work in partnership with local businesses who can see the benefit of adding video services to their portfolio. I can handle all aspects of the video production, advising on costs, creative considerations, crew and equipment from a small scale production to a large production.

video productions small DSLR rig

They say the future of the internet is with video content, “if a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth?”, the value of video content on a website or social media platform can be calculated by the number of views and return on investment ROI but the value to a Media Agency of being able to offer this service can be calculated by the creation of new business and of the course the increase in the bottom line ££££’s.

How will this work?

Let’s just open a conversation and discuss how I can help you to pitch for new business offering your own in-house video production services. I’m freelance so there is no upfront cost to you, you only pay for my services when you have won the business.

Media Agency benefits of being a Video Producer

Win New Business and offer your existing clients the option to reach new customers through video media. Enhance your profile with video media content on your own website and on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as the video platforms YouTube and Vimeo. Become and look like a bigger agency adding to your existing business the option of video production. Television advertising, I can film industry standard video compatible with TV broadcasting, amazing opportunity to take your media business in a whole new direction.